13 Budget-Friendly Mother’s Day Gifts and Activities

If you’re on a budget and things are tight you might be wondering what to do for Mother’s Day this year on May 9.

Have no fear just because your wallet’s a little thin doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate this holiday with your mom, grandma, or wife in style.

Mom of course isn’t expecting anything lavish for the most part so you should be able to skid by with some budget-friendly Mother’s Day gifts/ activities that will make her happy.

Here are 13 ideas to help get you in the mood for the big holiday ahead (as well as gathering up all your pennies from the piggy bank).

  1. Make mom a personal card you drew and created with your own hands, there’s many templates online to help.
  2. Bake the best chocolate five-layer cake she’s ever had or a gooey batch of her favorite cookies. Place them in a pretty container you can find at the local dollar store.
  3. Speaking of dollar stores, they can be found in just about all cities and have great finds from cute knickknacks to frames.
  4. Make dinner for mom and the rest of the family. So, you don’t usually make dinner but try it this year with a great recipe she will like. Keep it simple, maybe meatloaf and mashed potatoes.
  5. Go to the local pet store and buy her a goldfish, a bowl, and some goldfish food. She’ll love putting it in her kitchen and watching it swim back and forth.
  6. Pick up a plant or two or fresh flowers and chocolate candies at the local grocery store or even Trader Joe’s in your neighborhood.
  7. Offer to clean her home for a week and do everything from cleaning the windows to vacuuming, dusting, and whatever else she needs. Heck even changes the sheets!
  8. Wash her car. Get a big bucket of warm water, car wash, and all the other things needed to make her car shine from door to door, she’ll love you for it.
  9. Take mom to a matinee at the local movie theater and let her choose the flick.
  10. Go to a local park and have a picnic or jus have snacks and watch the sunrise or sunset together.
  11. Cook up a big old pot of homemade soup and bring it over with a loaf of bread and enjoy a wonderful outside lunch together.
  12. Cut up a fruit salad, and enjoy together as you watch her favorite TV show on the tube (even if it’s a rerun.)
  13. Plant flowers in her yard and spruce up the yard to make it look festive.

In the end, Mother’s Day isn’t about how much you spend on a gift, it’s more about how you spend the time with your mother. If it’s handmade she will love it even more because she knows it came from you and that’s all that counts really!


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