4th of July Activities That Won’t Break Your Budget

Are you facing the problem of high spirits but a low budget? Looking for 4th of July activities for your family? Is your inner patriot low-key disappointed that you won’t be able to celebrate the holiday in full swing?

Well, you don’t need to worry; nothing should turn down the excitement of Independence day, especially not a lack of funds. There are many family activities for all occasion.

You just need to keep up the high spirits, and this list of budget-friendly 4th of July activities will walk you through the process of having a fantastic holiday.

Play Sports

Awaken your inner athlete and head to a local park in your neighborhood. Gather your cousins, friends, or even your neighbors for an excellent old softball match. You could incorporate flag colors to the teams involved. One could be blue, and another could be read while the families and other viewers could wear white. You could even get your grandparents to come to watch and keep score.

The spirit of patriotism mixed with the competitive nature of the game will get the dopamine rushing. Get everyone to pitch in for snacks and beverages and enjoy the day.

Don’t forget to take a group photo, in the end, to keep it as an Independence day memory!

Head to the Beach

Considering the heat of July, a good and pocket-friendly option would be to head over to the beach. Gather family and friends, pack a good lunch and lots of beverages to enjoy in front of the ocean. Make sure to keep umbrellas and sunblock. You don’t want to spend the next day icing your sunburn!

A day at the beach will cost you close to nothing, but it will instantly get you into the spirit. You could give the trip a patriotic touch by wearing red, blue, and white flag colors or painting your surfboard in flag colors as well.


Plan a picnic with your family or friends to have a change of scenery for once. You could pack up a cute little basket with sandwiches, cookies, lemonade, crackers, and dips to go with. Ask the people accompanying you to pack up something similar to have enough to go around. Head out around noon and bring a blanket to sit on as well.

You could even take your skates and cycles on your picnic to have a cycling session later on. Nothing compares to some physical activity like cycling in the park to spend the holiday.

Binge Watch

The smartest way to save cash on a holiday and not make extravagant purchases is to stay home. If you don’t go out, you won’t spend money either. But what would one do alone at home on holiday? Well, binge-watch their favorite shows, of course!

Holidays are the best time to catch up on series that you were putting off watching all year. So pop a bowl of popcorn and start Netflix and chilling. If you’re confused about what to watch, then CNN’s 4th of July TV marathon guide will help you decide.

There are various ways to enjoy the holidays and spending money isn’t always necessary. So follow this list, and you’re all set to have some fun with these 4th of July activities!

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