5 Smart Finance Influencers to Help You Save Money

With as much time as many of us spend on social media, it’s not surprising influencers have become integral advisors to our financial journeys. The right ones can offer valuable insights, advice, and even some inspiration at the click of a button.

Which financial influencers are good, and which ones will land you deeper in debt? Here are the ones everyone is talking about. Grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and dive into the profiles of five popular personal finance influencers you should be following.

Humphrey Yang, Former Financial Advisor, Now Influencer

Looking for someone who can demystify investing? Humphrey Yang is your guy. This former financial advisor breaks down complex concepts into bite-size pieces and shares them in an easy-to-watch format. Humphrey’s genuine passion for helping others build wealth shines through in his content.

If you aren’t ready to dive into big ticket investments, check out Humphrey’s practical tips and investment strategies to help you build wealth over time.

Image source: Humphrey Yang, YouTube

He understands the investing world can be intimidating, especially for beginners. If you want to check out this popular personal finance influencer, TikTok is a good place to get started. Or check out his YouTube channel. He adds new content at least weekly.  

Delyanne Barros, Self-Made Millionaire Financial Influencer

Delyanne is a self-made millionaire and personal finance influencer with a unique, honest perspective. She focuses on the connection between money and mental health, emphasizing the importance of financial well-being for overall happiness. You probably won’t hear her saying that money never brings happiness.

Image source: Delyanne Barros, Facebook

Her posts are packed with actionable advice most of us can follow. Follow her if you want to improve your financial habits while caring for your mental and emotional well-being. Want to find her? You can get to all of Delyanne’s social media via her website.

Chelsea Fagan, Creator of the Financial Diet

Chelsea, the creator of the Financial Diet, is a popular go-to influencer for young professionals and anyone else seeking practical advice on budgeting, saving, and investing.

Her work covers a range of topics related to personal finance, animated with anecdotes and her own personal experiences, including failures. She doesn’t hide the hard parts. Chelsea believes that mistakes are meant to be learned from. She also answers questions from followers – just one more reason to hit follow.

Image credit: Chelsea Fagan, Twitter

Chelsea’s approach is refreshing, non-judgmental, and perfect if you’re starting out or starting over. Her YouTube is a great place to begin your journey with Chelsea.

Dasha Kennedy, Broke Black Girl

Among popular personal finance influencers, Dasha, the creator of Broke Black Girl, rises straight to the top. She discusses her journey, starting with no financial cushion after a divorce, despite working full-time. Early on, she struggled to save money and find financial advice that she could actually use.

Dasha understands that not everyone comes from the same place financially, and has different opportunities and hurdles. Dasha’s honesty and real-life advice make her stand out in a world of overly generic information.

You can find more info on her website.

Haley Sacks, Personal Finance Influencer Hero

Haley (MrsDowJones) has been called a “hero” of personal finance. She also has a significant net worth and has been highlighted in Fortune’s 40 Under 40.

If you want to learn how to slay the stock market, start with Haley.

Haley combines humor, truth, random references (almost) anyone will get, and financial advice to create content that is entertaining and genuinely useful for your journey to building wealth.

Haley breaks down complex financial concepts about investing, injects humor, and actually makes learning about money management fun. If you want to learn about practical personal finance without getting overwhelmed, Haley may be the influencer for you.

If you’re wondering where to start, she always has new content on Instagram.

What Are You Waiting For?

These award-winning and popular personal finance influencers each bring something special to the table; By following them, you’ll gain a well-rounded perspective on personal finance. Remember, personal finance is just that—personal. While these influencers offer valuable advice, you’ll probably need to hear more than one of their perspectives before applying any of it to your unique circumstances and financial decisions.

Get it right, and you might be the next popular personal finance influencers to offer financial advice!

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