5 Money Apps to Achieve Your Financial Goals

Like it or not, money makes the world go round. And it goes around a lot smoother when you have your financial goals in check!

A smart way to handle your bills and budget is by using a money management app. But with dozens on the market, how can you be sure which one works best?

Keep reading this roundup of some of the best money apps to achieve your financial goals.

1. Honeyfi

The first financial app for couples, Honeyfi is the ideal app for sharing short and long-term financial goals with your partner.

Couples can add an unlimited number of accounts, track bills, and categorize payments for a small monthly or annual fee.

Honeyfi is super smart – based on your spending history, it automatically creates a budget and helps you manage your money better. Want to start saving for your wedding, vacation, or emergency fund? Yep, it automates that too! Honeyfi can put aside money into a savings account, which both of you can track and contribute to.

2. Truebill

Two million users can’t be wrong – Truebill puts you in control of your financial goals. Available on Android and iOS, this feature-packed app helps you keep on top of subscriptions, your spending habits, and adds to your savings.

For longer-term goals, Truebill gives you advice on your credit score, where you can save on your bills, and tracks your net worth.

3. Dave – Banking for Humans

This money management app is as powerful as it is wholesome (just like its bear mascot).

Dave focuses on helping struggling users manage their money, especially if things get a little tight. Like other banking apps, it features an automatic budgeting system and advice on your credit score.

But here’s where things get interesting.

Dave can spot you up to $200 with no fees if you need help covering your bills. It even features a ‘side hustle’ element, helping you find local jobs to give you a bit of extra spending money.

Though the app is AI-powered, you can speak with real experts if you get stuck.

4. Intuit Mint

Mint has a ton of features rolled into one that helps you achieve your financial goals by combining all your bank accounts, cards, and bills.

Included in this easy-to-use app, you have a budget tracker with customizable categories, a bill tracker so you can avoid late payments, plus insights that show you missed savings.

Even set custom financial goals!

5. EveryDollar

Sometimes simple is best, something RamseySolutions do very well with EveryDollar.

Syncing your data across many devices, EveryDollar gears towards helping you set and maintain a budget. It’s easy: you tell the app your income, expenses, and it’ll help you work out the best budget for your household.

Track your spending and take control of your financial goals, all from desktop, Android, or iOS.

Take back control of your money and feel more confident with help from one of these money apps to achieve your financial goals. Which will work best for you?

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