6 Free Workout Apps to Make You Healthier and Stress-Free

COVID-19 probably interrupted your fitness routine in a big way. Even with the gradual return to normalcy, fitness facilities are still required to incorporate tough social distancing measures. It might be pretty much impossible to stick to your regular fitness routine, especially if it involved the fitness studio, gym, or a group workout. But you can’t afford to put your workout routine on pause. With ideal free workout apps, you can change to effective at-home workouts that help you become healthier and stress-free. 

Here are six free workout apps to get you started:

Gold’s AMP

This app from respected countrywide gym Gold’s Gym features more than 600 cardio and strength workouts. The app also comes with helpful audio and video guidance to provide much inspiration. If you have a treadmill, exercise bike, or elliptical at home, the app’s cardio machine-specific routines and weighted strength workouts will help you work on some stretching and meditation. Gold’s AMP is available on iOS and Android.

Nike training club

This app comes with great features that help filter workouts on categories such as the time you have to spend, work out types, and specific muscle groups. Importantly, the app enables a choice from the following equipment options: bodyweight only and full workouts. This app also features training hosted by leading athletes and celebrities such as Julie Ertz, Serena Williams, and Simone Biles. It is available on Android and iOS.


Sworkit is a user-friendly personal trainer app that will help you get into excellent shape in little time. The app is user-friendly and ideal for workouts at home without a need for equipment or gym membership. If your workout goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, improve endurance, or weight maintenance, this app should be your top choice. It also features certified fitness trainers on standby to answer any questions on nutrition and fitness.

7-Minute Workout

Are you looking for an ideal app that provides quick workouts during long stays at home? The 7-minute workout app has got you covered. With this app, you don’t need any equipment. You will find the option to compete with friends or family quite exciting. The 7-Minute Workout app is available on iOS and Android.

Tone It Up

Tone It Up features hundreds of workouts, some of which are bodyweight only. However, you also have an alternative to follow specific programs built around particular goals. And if you are a new parent, you will find their postnatal workout content great. The 7-minute workout app is available on iOS and Android.


FitOn allows you access to workout sessions from celebrity trainers such as Cassey Ho of Blogilates and Jeanette Jenkins. With this app, you can train by category, length of workouts, intensity, or body part hits. Alternatively, you can choose from a long list of 10-minute workouts if you prefer a quick routine. These 10 minutes workouts also come in handy if you are on a tight schedule.  You can get the app on both iOS and Android.

Key Takeaway

Routine workouts come with immeasurable benefits. Regular physical activity increases the production of hormones that deal with stress and help you feel happier and sleep better. It also improves your skin’s appearance, helps you lose weight, and generally improve your health. But you don’t have to own complicated and expensive equipment for an excellent workout routine. You don’t also have to enroll in a fitness school or be a gym member to achieve your fitness goals. The six apps we have featured will help you work out right at your home or on the go to deal with financial stress.


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