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Let’s be honest: these last few years have been kind of rough. Financially speaking, economically speaking. At least for me they have been, because I’m no Jeffrey Bezos. First, the pandemic knocked the wind out of my sails, when I had to take reduced hours at work. I got why they owners had to do that  — I worked in marketing for a music venue — but it hit me pretty hard.

Fortunately, I had a couple thousand dollars in savings to carry me through, but that disappeared pretty fast. So I relied on a couple of credit cards I’ve had for a while. And then they became my lifeline. I used them for groceries and gas so I would have enough money to cover my mortgage and utilities. (Can’t pay a mortgage with a credit card yet, I guess.) And yes, once in a while, so stressed by counting every penny, I took me and the wife out to dinner, put in the cards. What’s a little more debt when you’re already looking at a pile of it? 

Deciding the Credit Card Debt Is Too Much 

Well, now I’m feeling differently about the debt. Especially with the crazy way inflation has increased prices on everything. At least the gas prices have come down, right? (The day it cost me $65 to fill my tank I wanted to scream.) The interest rates on my credit cards have gone up a couple times. Part of that is my fault, I know, because I missed a payment here and there when I was moving money around, stretched too thin. But I know interest rates are going up everywhere: mortgages, car loans, credit cards. Up, up, up.

The good news is I did find a better-paying job, but it hasn’t made a huge difference in the debt. I don’t really make enough to pay down huge chunks, so I feel like I’m running in place, getting nowhere. I had to figure out how to get ahead, somehow.

Finding A Solution for Myself – Brice Capital Review

Obviously, I knew I wasn’t alone. I mean, Americans love credit cards, right? A quick Google search proved that, yeah we do: $841 billion in credit card debt. That’s how much we love credit cards. (That’s $5,521 per person, which, sad news for me, is less than how much I had on my cards at their worst.)

I was comforted by the company, though. Is that crazy? Knowing I wasn’t alone helped. It also helped motivate me to find a solution — I researched what other people did to find their way out of debt. There are some pretty amazing stories of people paying their own way out of debt by giving up everything to get there. That wasn’t going to work for me.

Fortunately, I bumped into some reviews for a company called Brice Capital. One of the testimonials said “I was I was bleeding money. To be honest, spending money made me feel good. But then when the bills started coming in, I was not okay.” I was like “Yeah, I feel you.” But that person and other reviewers said Brice Capital gave them an answer to how to fix their debt problem that worked. And then you know what? A few days later I got something in the mail from Brice Capital and figured it was a sign. 

What Brice Capital Offers

Brice Capital was talking about using a “debt consolidation loan” as the solution for resolving too much credit card debt. And after a little reading — and then, later, talking to the folks at Brice — I learned that, basically, debt consolidation is swapping one kind of debt for another. You pay off your high-interest, high-balance credit cards with a low-interest loan with a clearly defined term for when you will be finished paying.

You take the loan and then instantly pay off all our credit card debt (don’t even think about using that money for something else, man). And then, as you make timely payments on the consolidation loan from Brice Capital, you start to see improvements in your credit score. 

That’s how it was explained to me, and that is basically exactly how it worked for me. I’m not one of the people on their website saying Funding Hawk changed my life, but I could be. 

My Life-Changing Results Thanks to Brice Capital Reviews

After learning more by reading the Brice Capital reviews, and playing with their debt calculator, I gave them a call. The consultant on the phone was very matter-of-fact in a way that made me feel instantly less like a loser. And he walked me through the steps to restructure my debt into a loan with much less interest and an affordable monthly payment. Although it’s only been a few months since I signed up with Brice Capital, the results have been awesome: 

Peace of Mind

I instantly started to sleep better, no joke.

A Clear Goal

Restructuring my credit card debt means I know exactly when I will be out of it. In my case, 48 months (3 months already behind me, so 45 months to go). Four years worked for me because the monthly payment was doable. I had been so stressed trying to pay down debt with those crazy high interest rates, that I just wanted to be able to breathe. Knowing there’s a firm end date has seriously contributed to the peace of mind I mentioned above.

A Sense of a Good Future Waiting for Me

The biggest thing? I feel like I am good. I’m going to be okay, yes, but more than that, I’m going to be able to build a solid, stable financial future for me and my wife (and our kids). When I pay off the debt, I’m going to instantly put the same monthly payment into savings, so I can reach new milestones: investing for the first time, having a real emergency fund, being able to breathe, being able to set aside money for retirement.

I know how and why the one-two punch of the pandemic and the crazy inflation that followed it got me where I was when I found Brice Capital. And I don’t blame myself. I did the best I could, you know? But fortunately, I bumped into those Brice Capital reviews that made me feel like I wasn’t alone, and that maybe there was an answer. And then the people at Brice were so reassuring and explained everything so clearly.

Anyway, that debt consolidation loan has helped me know that I am back on track — and that I will be able to build an even more solid financial future. —Pat D., Ithaca, NY

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