Curtain Call-10/20/2017

Encore! Encore!!

While there were many excellent posts in the recents weeks, there were a few that definitely nailed it and deserve a standing ovation.  So I’d like to recognize a few that particularly stood out to me and bring them out for a curtain call:

-Time is more precious than money.  Hopefully if you’re reading personal finance articles, you’ve figured out how to budget your money…but are you budgeting your time as well??  My Curiosity Lab tells us about The Joy of Opting Out; feeling okay about declining an invitation, turning your phone off and enjoying some much deserved free time!

-I’ll admit I missed this guest post on Miss Bonnie MD when it was first published, but I recently stumbled across as I was cruising around various sites.  If You Don’t Ask discusses an important topic that was never taught to me in residency: what to do with that new employment contract?  Should you just sign since obviously everyone else in the group did?  Is there room to negotiate?  Should you have someone with more experience review it?  If you’re a resident or currently job seeking, I’d encourage you to take a look.

-Residency is not a time to be worrying about saving and investing, right?  Wrong says Future Proof MD, who gave us How Much Can a Resident Save? 6 Steps to $80,900.  In it he outlines six basic steps to maximize retirement savings, the sooner you start saving, the more time you have to let compound interest work it’s magic!

-I’m not sure the etiquette of giving my own post a “Curtain Call,” but because it was a guest post on Physician on FIRE, I’m just going to sneak it in here.  I discuss my favorite topic; breakfast burritos.  There is also a little bit about making some side money by taking medical surveys, but it’s really about burritos. Enjoy!

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