Curtain Call-10/27/2017

Encore! Encore!!

While there were many excellent posts in the recents weeks, there were a few that definitely nailed it and deserve a standing ovation.  So I’d like to recognize a few that particularly stood out to me and bring them out for a curtain call:

-How do you make decisions when it comes to personal finance?  Do you do the calculations and let the numbers guide you? Do you base it off your risk tolerance so you’ll be able to sleep at night?  Perhaps you do both as The Wall Street Physician explains.  Psychology Versus Math in Personal Finance discusses this very real dilemma and in many cases, you’re probably using both to guide your decisions.  

-One thing I try to avoid as much as possible is doing business with friends and family.  It’s not that I don’t like them or think they’re trustworthy people, it’s just I cringe at the idea of having something go wrong, thus jeopardizing our relationship.  Amy at Life Zemplified has another opinion on this (maybe it’s another second opinion, the jury is still out).  She discusses how she rents to her relatives and makes it work by defining boundaries early.  And by taking care of “un-bee-coming” situations!

-Round of applause to The Financial Journeyman for allowing us to follow his journey into finances and the finances of his journey!  As someone new to this arena, it’s cool to see how others are doing and I definitely appreciate his transparency.  It appears that he is hitting his stride, strong work!  

-Readers of this site know I’m a big fan of rewards credit cards assuming you’re paying off the balances every month.  But I was actually unaware of some of the other perks that come along with some credit cards such as travel insurance, rental car insurance, return coverage and even extended warranties!  Lucky for us, Trail to FI posted Overlooked Credit Card Benefits.  Obviously you’ll have to read the fine print to see what your card covers, but some of those insurances/extended warranties that people try to sell you on may already be in your back pocket.   

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