Curtain Call- 11/13/2017

Encore! Encore!!

While there were many excellent posts in the recents weeks, there were a few that definitely nailed it and deserve a standing ovation.  So I’d like to recognize a few that particularly stood out to me and bring them out for a curtain call:

-As a society we probably whine a little too much.  Sure, not everything is always fair, but some of the things we often complain about might actually be viewed as a good thing from another angle.  Example: you could complain that you’re taxed at the highest tax bracket, but you’re so quickly forgetting that you have the income to be at the highest tax bracket.  Jump start from Scratch breaks it down further with, Things we whine about, and why we should stop.

-To save more money for the future means you have to sacrifice some enjoyment today, right?  Perhaps you’re looking at it wrong.  Winning Personal Finance argues that to saving more is not about sacrifice, but about prioritizing, being intentional and staying focused.  He also talks a little about some team called the Mets (apparently they gave New York another baseball team??), but if you get through that part, it’s a very good article.

-Aside from Chuck Norris and myself of course, everyone makes mistakes!  It’s no surprise that these mishaps end up becoming a valuable learning experience even if it’s not your own.  99to1 Percent shares with us six of her financial mistakes, but more importantly, the lessons she (and her husband) have learned.  And I lied, I do make mistakes and learn from them.  Chuck’s mistakes correct themselves. 

-I have never heard the term “Helicopter Investor” before, but now that I have, I realize that I used to be a helicopter investor.  Constantly checking my portfolio, seeing what’s hot, what’s doing poorly, figuring out what changes I wanted to make, it’s time consuming and in the long run, probably bad for your portfolio also.  Don’t Be a Helicopter Investor is what Some Random Guy Online suggests.  Make your plan and stick with it by creating an investment policy statement and hold yourself accountable.  The market will have it’s ups and downs, make sure you stay the course you’ve defined. 

-And just as I am ready to finalize this post I come across the holy grail of financial posts…one that educates us on a major financial topic to the tune of The Big Lebowski!!  I’ve been trying to figure out how to incorporate this masterpiece into a post, but no need, I Dream of FIRE has done just that: The Dude abides: The Big Lebowski’s hidden lessons about homeowners insurance.  This is a very complicated topic, you know, lotta ins, lotta outs lotta what-have-yous…but very important nonetheless. Check it out…it’s a good post…and thorough. 

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Another Second Opinion
  1. Ugh the Mets make me sick sometimes. Good thing I have my site to distract me now. I’m not budgeting for World Series tickets anytime soon. Thank you for including my post! I really believe that FI is not about sacrifice. Just optimize your choices and you will get there eventually.

  2. Glad you enjoyed reading about our very stupid financial mistakes and thanks for including us in the curtain call 🙂

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