Curtain Call- 11/3/2017

Encore! Encore!!


While there were many excellent posts in the recents weeks, there were a few that definitely nailed it and deserve a standing ovation.  So I’d like to recognize a few that particularly stood out to me and bring them out for a curtain call:

-One of the reasons Costco is so successful, besides the free samples, is their amazing customer service.  If you don’t like something you bought there, they will take it back for a full refund, almost no questions asked.  Apparently this holds true for travel packages you book through them as was the case with ESI Money.  When hurricanes put a damper on his upcoming vacation, and the cruise line refused to offer a refund,  Costco stepped and made things right.  

-I think I found this next post while I was checking out High Five Dad‘s latest blog stats (nice job by the way!).  A post entitled, Why I Dislike My Son definitely caught my attention and it turns out to be a very positive post about how cool his son is and how he makes his dad a better person.  I have three kids myself so I can relate and while I don’t have a favorite child, I usually have two least favorites that rotate hourly.  

-This one is not so much an article, but rather a frustrating comparison of how quickly each of the Kardashians can earn your salary brought to us by Missy Empire.  Simply type in your yearly salary and find out that Kim K earns that while she sleeps, frustrating, right?  It turns out Bravo’s title, Keeping up with the Kardashians is a misnomer, you really can’t keep up with the Kardashians!

-I know, I know, I shouldn’t talk about a woman’s weight…but she brought it up!  Frugal Asian Finance talks about the similarities between weight loss and paying off debt.  I’ve talked about the relationship with diet/exercise and finances before with some of my colleagues at the hospital.  A big key to this is setting realistic expectations- if you set the bar too high and you miss, psychologically its difficult to keep going.  But if you make reasonable goals and stick to the plan, you’ll be in great shape in the future, both physically and financially!

-Something I really started doing this year is automating my finances.  Prior to this, I just made it a habit to pay myself first once my paycheck was deposited (fund retirement, college savings, investment accounts, pay off credit card balances, etc).  But life gets busy-work, family, friends, holidays and it has been nice to know these things are still being taken care of while I am taking care of other things.  Mrs. Kiwi breaks it down nicely with Simplify Your Finances through Automation.  You still need to keep up with everything, but let technology help you our a little. 

Track all of your INVESTMENTS at once!

  1. Thank you so much for the shout-out! There are so many awesome posts out there, so it’s always nice to see a post roundup from a fellow blogger. 😉

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