Effects of Covid 19

It is an understatement to say that everyone is being affected by the Covid 19 virus. The virus affects young and old, sick and healthy, rich and poor. It will affect us all socially, economically, physically, and mentally. Essentially, all aspects of our lives.Some of the effects probably can’t even be measured at this point in time. Below I would like to look into specific ways we can deal with the effects.


One of the major issues people are having with being quarantined is financial instability. The economy is hurting because businesses are being forced to be closed. Many restaurants and stores are closing for good because they just can’t pay their bills. People are also losing their jobs or having their salary decreased because of the hard times our country is facing. The government has tried to come up with an economic stimulus package to aid in boosting the economy, helping small businesses and people who are going through hardship. The key is for people to apply for government aid. For a stimulus check you may need to go on the IRS website to check on the status of the check and see what is being offered, but for other types of aid, the rules may be changing.

Currently, due to COVID-19, insurance companies are relaxing underwriting requirements for disability and life insurance. And similar to other types of aid you may be eligible to receive, if you get a disability insurance quote online, you will need to fill out an application.


It is important that during this time of quarantine and isolation that we take care of ourselves. Working out and exercising is a key to keeping yourself happy through difficult times. You can look at it as a way to blow off some steam or you can even look at it as a way of celebrating your health. You should be thankful to be healthy during this time so you should be happy that your body is able to do those physical things. Exercise is known to create endorphins in your brain to promote positive thinking and happiness. Besides the mental effects, your body will be performing better and therefore make you feel better.


As mentioned above, you need to make sure you are taking care of ourselves. This needs to be done not only physically, but mentally as well. A way to work towards mental health may be to meditate, do yoga, journal, or even reading. Taking a mental break can be so beneficial.


It is a hard time to be social! For both parents and children, we are used to being social creatures. Even if it involves going to a grocery store to get food, you are having social interaction with other individuals. It can be an adjustment period for many. The best thing to do to  be social with people outside of your home is to do virtual meetings and phone calls. By using facetime or zoom you are able to see your family, friends, and coworkers on your screen and get some face time to talk to them. It is the next best thing next to actually being with them, which we can’t at this time.

Try your best to take care of yourself by trying some of the recommended tips. They will hopefully help you get through this time and remind you what you should focus on.

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