Extra Income

Another $econd Opinion on Extra Income Opportunities

There are many options out there to make a little more money on the side.  Some are passive (not really requiring you to do much extra work to receive money) and others require a little more time to get paid.  In either case, try to develop a system or habit to consistently invest this extra money.  Don’t pretend like you need it now, your salary should more than cover all of your essentials…if it doesn’t, you may need to reconsider what is necessary and what is not.

The passive income sites I recommend are an easy way to earn(or save?) money by spending money. Now, I’m not suggesting spending money to earn money, that doesn’t make sense.  But if you’re going to buy something anyway, use these tricks to get a little more cash back.

One of the many perks of being a health professional is that there are surveys designed specifically for us and pay a decent amount for your time (average of $1/min).  Some are even specialty specific.  Most start with a basic screening questionnaire to make sure you meet the specifications they’re looking for (they don’t need nephrologists completing surveys on botox injections), but once you’re past that, it’s easy money.




Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

If there was one site that I’d recommend, it would be this one.  If you make online purchases, just go through this website first and they’ll give you cash-back (on top of the credit card rewards).  They’ll also provide current promo codes for each website.


The trick here is to sign up and forget about it.  Depending on where you live, there might be dozens of restaurants in your area that offer you cash back just to eat there (or take out).  It requires no effort on your part aside from the initial account set up, after that you’ll get money every time your account reaches the $10 mark. Click here to see if there are restaurants nearby that qualify. 



One of the most consistent medical survey companies on the market; usually sends out periodic 10-15 minute surveys and will mail you a check every time you complete one.  They will also occasionally conduct phone surveys for $150+.  Sign up here.


Another popular medical survey company.  They charge a $5 processing fee when you request a check so I would only “cash out” after you’ve accumulated a decent amount of money.  Sign up here.


Only lets you redeem once you’ve reached a $50 threshold, but otherwise it’s still easy money.  Sign up here.