Five Fun Easter Activities for Your Family

Easter gives you the perfect opportunity to enjoy some time with your family. You can all celebrate the holiday with some Easter baskets, chocolate bunnies, and other goodies. Even though these can be fun, you may want to find other activities your family can enjoy. We have five suggestions you can use to help your family enjoy Easter together.

Have an Easter Egg Hunt

If you have younger kids, they can have a blast during an Easter egg hunt. You can hide bright eggs throughout the yard and let your kids collect them. If you have older kids as well, they can help you hide the eggs, and you can give them a reward for their work. If you live in a hot area, you should avoid putting chocolate into the eggs since they could end up melting.

Paint Eggs

If your kids don’t want to go outside, you can enjoy an indoor activity, like egg painting. This involves buying food coloring or similar paint that you can use to decorate and add cool design to some eggs. It’s a straightforward and simple activity, so everyone can have some fun as they color the eggs. You can even purchase egg color sets to make the process easier if your family needs some additional direction and help.

Enjoy a Picnic

Your family can also go on a picnic to celebrate Easter. See what snacks you can pack and enjoy during the picnic. If you don’t feel like leaving your home, you can have the picnic outside or even in your living room. Picnics work well since anyone can enjoy the food and have fun as they spend time together. If you don’t want to hold a picnic, you can have a special Easter dinner instead.

Watch an Easter Movie

If your family doesn’t like to run around or go outside, you could always watch a movie together. You have plenty of options during the season if you want to enjoy an Easter movie. You can even turn it into a holiday tradition by watching an Easter film every year. If not, you can have a movie night together on Easter and watch something everyone may enjoy.

Get Some Confetti Eggs

If you want something different, you can grab some confetti eggs and have fun with them. Whether this involves breaking eggs on each other or throwing them on the ground, confetti eggs can be plenty of fun for everyone. However, if you plan to use confetti eggs, make sure you clean them up afterwards to avoid littering. Besides that, your kids can have tons of fun as they smash and use confetti eggs.


Since you and your family can enjoy different activities during Easter, you should try out these ideas. They each offer something fun your entire family can enjoy, despite their ages. After all, you want to make everyone feel happy during the holidays, so it wouldn’t hurt to see if any of these activities would interest your family members. This way, you can build some Easter memories and help everyone have a good time.


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