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Golden Eagle reviewed

Golden Eagle Lending is a new loan outfit as of September 2023, but they began as a private lender, backed by a team of investors with 62-plus years’ experience in the lending space. The company recently launched as an online lender to the general public. Specializing in unsecured personal loans for the purpose of debt consolidation or other household needs, Golden Eagle offers fixed-rate personal loans ranging from $10,000 to $75,000, with repayment terms from two to seven years. Clients may use this funding to pay off other existing unsecured loans or high-interest credit card debt, ideally at a lower interest rate. This is a review of Golden Eagle Lending and its services.

Who Is Golden Eagle Lending?

Golden Eagle is a marketplace lender. This means they offer both their own loan products as well as those of other lending entities, and can present a full range of options to their clients. Applicants fill out a single, fast application to get referred to lenders for whom they qualify. Before being shown offers, clients are walked through a brief financial assessment. This determines the clients’ needs and financial situation, so as to find products with the best fit.

Golden Eagle Lending was founded by a team of private investors with a combined six decades worth of experience in the financial sector. Their stated goal is to offer the highest level of customer service to clients needing loans over the $10,000 threshold. There are no credit score minimums required. 

Pros of Golden Eagle Lending

  • Golden Eagle presents offers of both their own products and competitors’
  • Their loan matching service is free to use 
  • Golden Eagle Lending offers competitive rates and extended terms
  • Available in all 50 states

Cons of Golden Eagle Lending

  • Not all potential clients will qualify for best rates
  • The marketplace lender information may not be transparent
  • Marketplace loans may have varying fee structures and origination fees

Loan Types Offered by Golden Eagle Lending

Golden Eagle Lending loans and the marketplace loans they offer are all personal loans. This means they are unrestricted in their use. A debt consolidation loan from Golden Eagle Lending is a personal loan with funds disbursed directly to you. You may pay then off your creditors and have a single, consolidated debt with a single monthly payment and a fixed rate. One important note: Golden Eagle does not make warranties or claims regarding loans provided from their lender network.

Customer Details

Customer Qualifications or Eligibility to Work with Golden Eagle Lending

Golden Eagle Has Lower Credit Score Requirements for Some Products

Golden Eagle Lending loans are available to borrowers with less-than-perfect credit who otherwise exhibit a solid payment history. Clients who are under payment stress to multiple creditors can experience payment relief by signing up for an extended-term Golden Eagle loan, should they qualify. Borrowers with lower credit scores and more outstanding debt will likely pay higher interest rates and fees. No guarantees are made that a client will qualify for an advertised rate. Read the terms and conditions for any loan product carefully to ensure you understand fee structure, pre-payment penalties and more.

How Much Debt Do Golden Eagle Lending Clients Have?

Clients can have debt ranging from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars, and in a few cases more than $100,000 debt. Golden Eagle considers large debt consolidation loans one of their specialty products. Because Golden Eagle Lending is a marketplace lender, you will also see loan offers from Golden Eagle Lending’s competition when you work with them, and you can compare rates and terms to find your idea fit.

What Golden Eagle Lending Loans Won’t Cover

The way you use funds from Golden Eagle Lending loans is not restricted, so you may use those funds to pay off any personal debt liabilities you are carrying. Golden Eagle Lending also offers a debt settlement product, in partnership with a national network of debt relief lawyers, if you are suffering financial hardship and in need of canceling some of your personal debts through debt settlement.

How Golden Eagle Loans Work

Here is how Golden Eagle works: Prospective borrowers fill out a simple information form on the Golden Eagle website. This initiates contact with Golden Eagle’s financial consultants — note that this form submit does not trigger a hard credit pull, so there is no risk in submitting your information. A Golden Eagle Lending financial consultant reaches out within the next hour (during regular work hours). If the form is submitted overnight you will be contacted the next morning. You may also contact Golden Eagle directly via phone. (Alternately, there are some products that are available to self-serve on the Golden Eagle Lending website, depending on your particular financial profile.)

The financial consultant will next show an offer wall that includes both Golden Eagle Lending products as well as other marketplace loans for which the applicant qualifies. The applicant will then typically compare the offers, ask questions, and make a selection. At this point, a hard credit inquiry takes place.         

How Much Debt Do You Need to Work with Golden Eagle Lending?

Golden Eagle Lending specializes in loans about the $10,000 threshold.


Customer Timeline Working with Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle Lending can usually propose loan and product offers within a few minutes of each call. If you secure a loan with Golden Eagle Lending, you will be funding within 24-48 hours; payout times may vary with other marketplace lenders. Ask your financial consultant to review all offers with you, including rates, terms, payout timelines, and fees.    

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