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Hey everyone,

We are off and running! I still am figuring out how this site will go, maybe it will just turn into a page where I post funny videos and pictures. Hopefully it’ll become a place you’ll visit to get ideas, support, feedback, reassurance as you navigate this game of money.

I decided to start this site because I was all too often “coaching” our young partners to take advantage of the many resources available to us when it comes to money. The all too common pitfall was that since we make decent money, there is no need to be frugal, no need to shop around, no need to save much for retirement because I deserve a big house.

I would often tell these folks, “hey, check out this site to get a little extra money to do medical surverys,” “dude, have you considered refinancing those 7.8% loans which you have hundreds of thousands of dollars of,” “umm, ever thought of investing your rewards money since your income should more than cover all of your expenses?” It felt like every year I was directing physicians to sites to refinance loans, get a better credit card, do easy medical surveys…and then repeating the process over and over again. My hope is that I can just direct them to this site and say, “check it out, try to take advantage of some of these ideas.”

My background is in medicine, but my background’s background is trying to take advantage of easy money. I went through the MyPoints era, tried the email accounts where you’ve got paid to send email, signed up for a bunch of credit cards just to bank the sign-up bonus. Every suggestion I have provided has been personally vetted by myself and believe me, there are a ton of other sites I am protecting you from. For every idea listed, there are probably five others that I tried that I deemed too time consuming, felt like a scam, didn’t feel sustainable, etc. My focus is efficiency, hopefully that shines through.

So please, send me your suggestions, comments, feedback and tell me how you’d like me to proceed. I’ll continue reading books, flipping through magazines, listening to podcasts, trying out the newest apps/sites, studying the stock market in the meantime. If you have any topics you’d like me to cover, task me with the task and I’ll produce.

You most undoubtedly know a little about money, someone close to you has probably counseled you also, let me provide you with another opinion on the topic.

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