I Bought One of the Hottest IPOs of 2013 and Brice Capital Made That Possible

I Bought One of the Hottest IPOs of 2013 and Brice Capital Made That Possible

A couple of years ago, when Tesla went public, I didn’t have the money to invest. Since then, the stock is more than double that price. Not only that, but Facebook offered its IPO last year, and I wasn’t able to jump on that train either, even though I’m sure it will continue to grow. That’s why when I heard Twitter was releasing its stock to the public this year, I decided I wasn’t missing out again.

I arranged my finances ahead of time, freed up some cash to invest, and gobbled up as many shares as I could afford to lose. Even though I hope that Twitter will soar into the future, you should only invest as much in an IPO as you’re willing to lose. It’s a gamble, after all, but with great risk comes great reward, and I was ready to bet. But I couldn’t have done it alone, and luckily I found a company to help me get my budget under control just in time.

How I Arranged My Budget

The first thing you want to do to get your budget in line is to write down your income and expenses for the month. Try to include as much detail as you can about everywhere you spend your money, so you know where to cut. Then look at your expenses and reduce your necessary bills and eliminate the ones you can. Do you really need 500 channels to surf through, or would 150 work just fine for your family? Find the fat in your budget and make the tough cuts.

What you’re trying to do is create as much of a gap between your income and expenses that you possibly can.

Finally, look at your credit card debts and any other debt you have outstanding. In case you didn’t know, debt is the enemy of wealth, so if you get rid of as many obligations as you can, you can grow your wealth. One sure-fire way to put yourself on a pathway to a debt-free existence is to roll that debt into one loan.

How Debt Consolidation Can Help

Debt consolidation is when a company like Brice Capital looks at your eligible debt and brings it all into a comprehensive loan with one minimum payment and a single interest rate. Instead of making multiple minimum payments and tying up your monthly outflow of cash, you can make one payment and use the rest of the money to pay off your debt faster or invest in a promising IPO. Doing a combination of the two is likely your best option because you can reduce your debt at a rapid pace while building a comfortable nest egg at the same time.

Brice Capital offered me a debt consolidation loan that gave me the freedom to invest in a company I believe in while showing me a way to living without the weight of debt.

Staying Debt Free Long-Term

Once you clear your debt and build up your investments and savings, you don’t ever want to bear the burden of obligation again. To prevent yourself from relying on credit in the future, be sure to only make purchases you can afford without charging and build emergency savings that will support you and your family for three months. 

Also, revisit your budget every couple of months to ensure you stay on the right financial track and make necessary adjustments.

Keep in mind the feeling you have watching your debts go down, and your wealth go up. That way, you’re less likely to fall into a debt trap and more likely to have the opportunity to invest in that hot IPO on your list.

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