Develop your own Second Opinion of Finances!

I’ve listed some of the best books, magazines and podcasts to learn more about personal finance and stay up to date with the latest in the world of Money.



The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey

Written by one of the leaders in the field, Dave Ramsey explains how to get control of your finances and most importantly, get out of debt.  Amongst the real-life stories he shares, Ramsey provides an easy to follow system for getting your finances in order.








Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiwosaki

Covers very important wealth building topics like building assets and having money work for you instead of you working harder for money.  This was the first personal finance book I read coming out of residency, this is probably also the reason I have a growing investment account currently.








The Richest Man in Babylon by George Clason

A classic read in the field of personal finance, learn why the “pay yourself first” discipline is so powerful.








The Millionaire Next Door by Stanley & Danko

Very important to read early in your career before you reach your peak earning years, this book teaches you to live below your means and invest the rest.









How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Maybe not a personal finance book, but an important book for anyone that deals with people, which is everyone!  I find myself thinking about these principles weekly. Although it was first published many decades ago, the ideas presented are still very important today.










NPR’s Planet Money

Short, engaging podcasts covering a variety of topics having to do with money. Read more here.

The Dave Ramsey Show

If you enjoyed (or at least benefited) from his book, The Total Money Makeover, his podcast dives deeper into money management.  Learn more here.

Death, Sex & Money

While this podcast is not 100% dedicated to money, I’m sure you’ll find the other topics are interesting too.  Find out more here.




Money Magazine

A subsidiary of the popular Time Magazine, this magazine covers investing, retirement, vacations, colleges, home buying and more. Check it out here.


Another popular magazine in the world of personal finance, also covers a vast array of topics for your reading (and learning) pleasure. Learn more here.