Need Extra Cash? Get into the Bamboo Business

Bamboo is probably not what you think of when you are considering a new financial endeavor. But maybe it should. It is an amazing plant that is not just sustainable, it is lucrative. Bamboo can be used in so many different ways. The possibilities are nearly endless. You can begin with cultivating bamboo if you’d like, you don’t need much land to do so. The reasons you invest in bamboo are limitless, read on to find some good reasons to get into the business of bamboo and how to get started.

Bamboo is a Renewable Resource

Bamboo is known for being a near-completely renewable resource. It can be harvested in as little as one year while most hardwoods take much longer. Oak can take up to forty years before they can be harvested. Bamboo is one way to combat deforestation and reduce greenhouse gases. It can be a terrific substitute for hardwoods, offering the ability to reduce negative environmental impact and provide a sustainable material that is a versatile resource.

Bamboo Has Near-Unlimited Uses

It is uncanny that bamboo has more uses than so many other plants. Bamboo can be eaten. It is a healthy ingredient that provides key nutritional value. Bamboo can replace woods for paper, flooring building materials, furniture, charcoal, and more. Bamboo fibers are much stronger than the fibers in hardwood trees, making them much less likely to warp from changing conditions in their atmosphere.

Bamboo Wastes Very Little

Every part of the bamboo plant can provide something that is useful. It can be used to make a host of various products—from mulch that is soil-enriching to furniture, all the way down to chopsticks. If you choose to cultivate your own bamboo, you can gain something from every part of the plant, which makes its ability to cultivate it even more lucrative.

Bamboo is Easy to Cultivate

Not only does bamboo not require fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. Bamboo doesn’t require any chemicals or fertilizers, unlike most cash crops. Cotton is the most intensely sprayed crops in the world and rapidly depletes the nutrients in the soil. Bamboo sequesters nitrogen and protects the soil in a way most crops don’t.

Erosion inevitably happens when the topsoil’s nutrients are washed away by rain. The eroded soil clogs rivers and streams, affecting the lives of both the people and animals downstream. The roots of bamboo remain in places after harvesting, preventing erosion and helping the soil retain nutrients. As time goes on, you will have even healthier soil and healthier bamboo. Bamboo can also grow in a wide variety of environments where there are droughts and preserves moisture in the soil. Bamboo thrives in a wide range of climates that include higher elevations in the mountains and lower elevations in the wetlands.

Bamboo is a green business

Bamboo Can Lead to Economic Development

Bamboo is going to be a plant of the future. It isn’t currently used in the West like it is in Asia, but this will change over time. Bamboo production and manufacturing of its products provides sustainable jobs and opportunities that require social and economic stability. The business model of bamboo can also extend to other materials. The zero waste store Seek Bamboo also offers products like wool dryer balls that cut down on use of electricity.

Get Started on a Bamboo Business

As you can tell, bamboo can be a very profitable business if you commit yourself to it. You can grow your own bamboo and/or use it to create bamboo-based products. While it is one of the most highly used plants, it can still provide much more to those who get into the business. Around half the population of the world uses it in some way, but with so many benefits the uses can be expanded. You can get your bamboo business started for around $800. This will provide the ability to make around $72,000 with only a quarter acre of space. With this land, you can propagate 2400 containers.

However you look at it, these plants can be sold or used to make a nearly unlimited range of products. If you are looking for a new way to make money, you can find a lucrative business that will provide a sustainable, eco-friendly, and forward-thinking endeavor. 

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