Student Loans

Another $econd Opinion on Student Loans

If you have student loans with interest rates above 5%, you need to refinance now!  I have compiled a list of companies and banks that will assist you with refinancing.  Some will also give you cash to refinance through them.

Current rates are still very low.  Before you finalize your refinance, you’ll be able to choice whether you do a fixed-rate or an adjustable rate.  You’ll also be able to choose the length of your loan to better manage your monthly payments.  Here are some options:



I have personally used this site and found it to be very easy to navigate as well as complete a loan refinance.



Another great online site that I have used to refinance my student loans into a better interest rate.


Laurel Road

Formerly DRB bank, I have not personally refinanced through them, but some of our newer partners have.



See what kind of interest rate you’re eligible for with LendKey.  Allows for consolidation of federal and private student loans.


Common Bond

Yet another great company to consider refinancing your student loans with.