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Taft Financial markets themselves as a company that can help with your finances and debt consolidation. Can they deliver as promised? Let’s take a look.

Credit card debt can be one of the most overwhelming financial obstacles a consumer can face, especially in the past year. So many Americans have lost income because of the global pandemic and have turned to credit cards to cover expenses. It has become a juggling act of debt, an overwhelming attempt to tread water, and the savviest consumers are looking for a way out. 

There are a few techniques to face down your high-interest credit card balances. Personal finance guru Dave Ramsey recommends the snowball method, in which you attack your debts from smallest to largest. Other pundits recommend zero balance credit card transfers, home equity loans, or attempting to negotiate terms with your credit card payment. These methods are all fine and good if you have a high credit score and an income that lets you take control of your finances.

Taft Financial offers a slightly different solution: a credit card debt consolidation loan. If you’re reading this article, you have probably received an offer from the company or have heard of someone who was able to get out of debt through a consolidation loan, and you’re looking for Taft Financial reviews to see what others are saying.

Taft Financial Frequently Asked Questions for Debt Consolidation

In an effort to help explain what debt consolidation is, let’s look at the most frequently asked questions that consumers are likely to ask about the Taft Financial debt consolidation program. We’ll start with the basics: What is Taft Financial? Then we’ll move on to a discussion of debt consolidation and how it can help you out of a financial crisis.

What is Taft Financial? 

It might be helpful if we start with what Taft Financial is not. It’s not a venture capital group, a credit union, or a real estate investment group. It’s also not a company that helps with auto loans, student loans, or mortgages. Instead, it’s a company that works specifically with consumers who want to get rid of high-interest credit card debt. As you’ll see from the reviews for Taft Financial, they’re a company that works by consolidating your credit card debt into a simple, once-a-month payment.

What is Debt Consolidation?

Debt consolidation is one of the methods that consumers can use to help pay off high-interest credit card debts. What typically happens is the credit card customer starts to carry over a balance on their cards from month to month. When you pay off your credit cards each month, you avoid the high-interest rates that credit card companies charge; instead, you enjoy convenience and rewards. As soon as you start carrying over that balance, it quickly becomes a steep, slippery uphill climb to becoming debt-free again.

With debt consolidation, a company like Taft Financial allows you stop making multiple monthly payments to your various credit card companies. Instead, you’ll be making one convenient payment a month, ideally at a much lower interest rate than you were paying directly to the companies. 

Why is Debt Consolidation Important?

Carrying over a credit card balance each month can have an accumulative effect. It can hurt your credit, which can, in turn, hurt many potential financial opportunities for up to a decade. More and more employers are pulling a credit report when considering candidates for a job; bad credit can eliminate you from consideration. Renting a home becomes difficult, too, since most landlords and property management companies will want to check your credit. Purchasing a car becomes difficult, too, because the auto loan companies who help people with bad credit usually charge much higher interest rates. 

The stress from credit card debt can also wreak havoc on your personal life, resulting in loss of sleep, higher levels of stress, health side effects, and all of the resulting side effects from a high-stress lifestyle. Debt consolidation may be able to give you a chance to start over.

A man not answering the phone because it's a debt collector

What Happens If You Ignore Debt Collectors?

Sometimes it feels like the only option is to ignore debt collectors. You feel powerless and overwhelmed, stuck in a dead-end situation. You ask, “What is the worst that they can do to me?” Unfortunately, ignoring debt collectors can “make a bad situation worse.” Creditors often have a contingency called a collection plan; it’s a path that they follow once a borrower has been negligent for a period of time. They’ll start with phone calls, letters, and reporting the delinquency to your credit report. Now you’re dealing with stress every time you check the mail or answer your phone, and your future opportunities for renting an apartment, applying for an auto loan, and even applying for some jobs just became much more complicated. 

From there, your lenders have a few more options up their sleeves. There may be lawsuits, legal judgments, wage garnishments, and even a bank levy. 

What Are My Options for Debt Consolidation?

The best debt consolidation experts will tell you that there are several options to consolidate debt, although some of them apply better to consumers with higher incomes and better credit. Some of these methods include zero balance credit card transfers, home equity loans, and debt consolidation loans. It can be frustrating to hear this if your financial picture isn’t stable enough to apply for a new credit card, or if you don’t own your own home. This leads many consumers to search for the best ways to consolidate debt, and they’re finding debt consolidation companies. 

How Can Taft Financial Help?

Taft Financial is a debt consolidation company that focuses solely on helping consumers eliminate credit card debt. They work with consumers who want to pay their debts in full but are struggling to do so. If you take a debt consolidation loan from Taft Financial, they pay off your credit card balances in full, rolling those balances into one single consolidated loan. Now let’s look at how to apply for Taft Financial. 

How to Apply for Taft Financial?

The application process is surprisingly low-stress because you won’t need to qualify based on your credit score. And, because a debt consolidation loan is an unsecured loan for unsecured credit card debt, you won’t need to offer collateral for the loan. You’ll answer a few questions about your current income and debts, but you won’t have to provide your social security number or any account numbers. If you’re interested in learning more, apply for Taft Financial today and find out how they can help your specific debt situation.

Along with the great services provided by Taft Financial, there are additional reviews you can refer to from other great debt consolidation companies such as Johnson Funding and Harrison Funding. Debt consolidation can help improve your financial success, what are you waiting for!

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