1. I like the chart, and I aced the quiz! [pats self on back]

    I’m not sure what color red and green make (brown, maybe?), but I would make the last 2 squares in the taxable row that mystery color. If you can keep taxable income under ~ $75,000 (not hard to do in retirement if you plan for it), QD & LTCG can be tax free, at least at the federal level.


    • Nice! I had no doubt you’d ace it…probably not the first (or last) test you’ve aced.

      Good call on the bottom row. I did consider blending the colors or adding another asterisk to the taxable account row for the very reason you mentioned. I guess I decided not to because some people touch this money before retirement when their income is still high, negating any tax benefits. But you’re right, some kind of chart modifying is in order.

      I do have a future post coming about withdrawing from a taxable account without being taxed so I guess I didn’t want to steal my thunder either.

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